10 Exclusive Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Enterprise Apps

Are you looking out to develop your website from the scratch? Or do you want to take your existing website to a completely business-oriented level?

Definitely, it’s not at all an easy decision to choose the right web development platform for your enterprise. But, here we present the top 10 EXCLUSIVE reasons to choose the best of all web application development platforms, WORDPRESS:

  • 1. Largest Content Management System

    Wordpress is considered to be the largest content management system (CMS) all across the globe. Earlier, WordPress was considered as a well known blogging platform in which publishing content online was fast, easy and SEO-friendly. Even today, it is the most favorite CMS and web application development platform among the developers, CIOs & CTOs.

    WordPress consists of various amazing features for content publishing such as easy & automated sharing as well as scheduling the content for a particular date, time and month.

  • 2. Large Pool of Themes:

    Wordpress offers a large pool of more than 2000 themes which can be selected as per your business requirements and applied for your web applications.

    Whichever industry your business belongs to, you have all freedom to choose FREE as well as commercial WordPress themes as per your needs and budget.

  • 3. Strong Developers Supporting Community

    Wordpress Developers Community are constantly involved in improvising the WordPress software. Web developers from the worldwide contributes towards making the software better and better each day.

    WordPress developers community offers assistance to the other web application developers for web development and content management with the WordPress from all over the world.

  • 4. Highly Secure Web Development Platform

    Wordpress Developers Community is very large. Thus, any concern raised is solved within a few hours. This is the best part when it comes to security.

    To have a website built in WordPress, ensures complete security to any cyber threats or data leaks. This web development platform is highly popular among the business professionals due to the exceptional security measures.

  • 5.Easy & Non Technical Setup

    The most terrifying process is hosting a website. But, all the website hosting owners are glad to have WordPress in the market. Compared to all the other web development platforms, WordPress is the easiest and the best one to have our website LIVE like “on-the-go” types.

    If you are the only one to manage the website, don’t worry and please don’t hire any staff to maintain your WordPress based website. It does not require any coding skills to customize your existing or new data. It has drag and drop functionality which reminds me of having automated functionality.

    Cost effective, right?

  • 6. Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Optimized

    We all know that Google has been changing its algorithms now and then. So, the major requirement is seen in the responsiveness of the website. Your site needs the ability to serve LOVELY experience to its visitors to grab the eyes of the various search engines.

    WordPress comes with pre-prepared responsive website themes which are well optimized for all the mobile devices, desktops and tablets.


  • 7. Easy SEO Configuration

    Once we have a website and it is not searchable by our prospects on search engines, then it’s a total waste to have a website. So, we invest in Search Engine Optimization. But, what if I help you save a few bucks on that?

    Well, WordPress comes with various SEO plugins that will help you with quite important SEO things. From creating meta titles, description, heading tags to generating automated sitemap and robots.txt files regularly, can jumpstart our website rankings. It also generates SEO friendly website URLs.

    If your website saves heavy bucks on your website optimization & leads, I think that’s a good option to select. After all, money & leads matters a lot.

  • 8. Multilingual Web Development Available

    Want to attract the localized or international users to your website? WordPress can help you build websites based on various languages.

    Also, any web developer with the knowledge of any language can develop the websites using WordPress. The reason behind this is that, the WordPress web development platform is available in more than 70 different languages.

    Choose a language of your choice and kick-start your dream of earning a whopping amount from your website.

  • 9. Open Source Code Available

    Wow! Nothing can be so special than getting something in FREE. Yes, WordPress is an open-source web development and CMS platform. Thus, it is available for FREE.

    This exclusive feature of WordPress has helped various web development experts to extract few pieces of WordPress code and add their own to create magic in the web development world.

    This is also a reason to have such robust & scalable web development platform that helps the entire community to offer new changes to the whole industry.

    Isn’t that crazy!

  • 10. Standards Compliant

    Now, the last feature but certainly not the least one. WordPress is Standards Compliant especially W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant. This means that the websites developed using WordPress will be accessible through various devices, browsers and operating systems. Also, it will support all the technologies and functionalities that emerge in the future.

Wrapping Up

Frankly speaking, these exclusive reasons to choose WordPress for your Enterprise apps are the ones I think are enough to help you understand and choose the best one out of the rest ones.

The list of exclusive WordPress benefits does not end here and I am sure, you have many more to share. Let’s have all the WordPress lovers at one place. Come on buddies! Share your favorite WordPress feature, I’m all ears.

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